Arthi Gokarn
MSc in Computer Science

Internet computing with MATLAB

The purpose of this project is to create MATLAB applications that use the capabilities of the World Wide Web to send data to a remote server for computation and to display the results in on a local MATLABŪ application. The data is sent to and received from the remote application using gSOAP.

Data can be sent to a remote server, which need not have a copy of MATLAB installed. This is accomplished by calling gSOAP functions from MEX-files written in the C programming language. The MEX interface code and accompanying C code is automatically generated by gSOAP. The use of the gSOAP compiler (which is part of this project) simplifies this task, which otherwise requires users to program most of the data communications at a lower level. This project specializes on efficient data representations for communication with Web services, such as sparse numerical matrix representations. The diagram shows the visualization of weather forecast data through MATLAB.

Florida State University