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The FSU School of Computational Science and Information Technology recently held its first ever computational exposition. The idea of the expo was to give students like Kevin Beason, who is working on his masters in computer science, a chance to present their work.

(Kevin Beason)
"I'm showing the results of applying global illumination to these scientific data sets. Without this illumination they look very poor. When you apply realistic lighting to these surfaces, you can understand them better because they look like they exist."

Computational Science is an emerging discipline that uses advances in mathematics and computer science to simulate complicated, real-world processes, such as how proteins unfold, how hurricanes move, or how wildfires spread. As computer science masters candidate Christopher Baker explains, Computational Science also helps bring different disciplines together.

(Christopher Baker)
"Computational Science is just what it sounds like; you have people in certain areas, all trying to solve problems and a lot of the times those problems are similar. What this enables is the transference of information from one domain to the other and the same methods apply."

The FSU School of Computational Science and Information Technology is designed to overlap with existing departments and schools at Florida State. This provides a venue for interaction among faculty and students from across many fields. This is exactly what last week's exposition did according to those who participated, like computer science masters student, Hui Song.

(Hui Song)
"Today gives us a nice chance to show everyone what we're doing, it's fun."

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