Computational Xposition 2004

On Wednesday April 14th 2004 CSIT hosted the first annual Computational Xposition. Graduate students gave informal poster presentations of their research in such areas as computational biology, computational statistics, and computational physics.

Some 100 faculty, students, and staff attended the event.

"This was our inaugural Xposition and I think it was very well received by our visitors and friends", said CSIT Director Joe Travis. "The quality of the work being presented by the students and the diversity of that work made it particularly engaging for everyone who attended. We hope to host this event every year and, obviously, we hope that someday we even outgrow the ability of 499 Dirac to hold it."

A short description of CX 04 was aired on the radio as part of the "FSU Headlines" program.

  • FSU Headlines [Transcript]

    A summary of the students' work is also available.

  • Xposition_handout.pdf

    The participating students were:

    Chris Baker (Computer Science)
    Kevin Beason (Computer Science)
    Arthi Gokarn (Computer Science)
    Vanessa Jackson (Biology)
    Hui Song (Computer Science)
    Alexander Velytsky (Physics)

    Computational Xposition 2004 Organizing Committee:

    David Banks (Computer Science), chair
    Janet Peterson (Mathematics), co-chair
    Dave Swofford (Biology), co-chair
    Bill Burgess (CSIT), publicity
    Anne Johnson (CSIT), local arrangements
    Eva Ronquist (CSIT), communications
    Bob Smith (CSIT), systems support


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